New Psionic Feats

Body over Mind (Psionic)
You’re psionic focus allows you to shrug of damage more easily.
Prerequisites: Con:13, Barbarian level 6th.
While you are Psionically focused you may double your damage reduction granted to you by the Barbarian class feature.

Greater Body over Mind(Psionic)
You have gained the ability to focus your mind to ignore most forms of damage.
Prerequisites: Con:15, Body over Mind, Barbarian level 6th.
As Body over Mind except triple the DR. As a free action even when its not your turn, you may expend your psionic focus to multiply you DR granted by your Barbarian class feature by your Barbarian level.

Psionic Rage (Psionic)
While you are raging your mind fills with Psionic energy bolstering your rage.
Prerequisites: Barbarian, Rage class feature.
While your are raging if you are psionically focused increase your str and dex bonus each by an additional two, also you may expend 1 PP to psionically charge your melee attacks at a rate of 1: +1d6, 2: +2d6, 3: +4d6, 4: +5d6 and 5: +6d6.


Mindfire Song (Psionic)
You have learned to focus your innate psionic abilities to power your music.
Prerequisites: bardic music
Benefit: When you use your bardic music to inspire courage, you can choose to imbue your allies with Psionic Energy. This choice is made when first activating the ability, and the choice applies to all allies affected.
Each ally so inspired loses the standard morale bonus on weapon attack rolls and damage rolls. Instead, he deals an extra 1d6 points of psionic damage with his weapons for every point of morale bonus that your inspire courage ability would normally add to the attack roll. For example, an 8th-level bard using this ability would add 2d6 points of psionic damage to his allies’ attacks.

Song of the Mind (Psionic)
Your music inspires your allies more effectively by getting directly in there head.
Prerequisites: bardic music, inspire courage + 2
Benefit: While you are psionically focused your allies need not hear or see you to gain the benefits of your bardic music so long as they are within 100ft+10ft/lvl. In addition the bonus granted to your allies by inspire courage is increased by 1.


Divine Focus (Divine,Psionic)
You sacrifice divine power in exchange for psionic focus.
Prerequisites: Cha 13, Turn Undead class feature
Benefit: As a Move Action you may expend 2 uses of your turn undead to become psionically focused. If you possess the Psionic Meditation feat this feat allows you to become psionically focused as a swift action.

Divine Meditation (Divine, Psionic)
You sacrifice divine power in exchange for Power Points.
Prerequisites: Cha 13, Turn Undead class feature
Benefit: As a standard action you may restore 1d6+Cha modifier pp(Power Points) for every 2 uses of Turn Undead you expend.


Psionic Wild shape
You charge your Wild Shape with psionic energy
Prerequisites: Druid, Wild shape class feature
Benefit: You expend your psionic focus to Wild shape as a move action.

Eidolon Master

Improved Least Eidolon
You improve a least Eidolon with the strength similar to a Lesser one.
Prerequisites: Eidolon Master 6th, Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate 9 ranks.
Benefit: Choose one Least Eidolon you can summon. You may apply your charisma modifier as bonus Hit Dice to that Lesser Eidolon. The total Hit Dice of the Eidolon many not exceed your level.

Psionic Surge
You combine your psionic focus with your Arcane Surge for an extra effect.
Prerequisites: Eidolon Master 3rd, Concentration 6 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 6 ranks.
Benefit: You may expend your psionic focus to apply your Wisdom modifier in addition to the spells level to the bonus from the surge.

Martial Psionic Focus (Psionic)
Your psionic focus increases your feat based weapon bonuses.
Prerequisites: Fighter 4th Lvl, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization
Benefit: While you are psionically focused you double your feat bonuses from weapon focus and specialization (Including Greater versions of both) to attack and damage rolls with any weapon you possess.

Psionic Edge (Psionic)
Your psionic focus empowers your weapon damage.
Prerequisites: Str 13, Weapon Focus (Any), Psionic Weapon or Psionic Shot(Point Blank Shot)
Benefit: While you are psionically focused your weapon deals an additional 1d6 psionic damage. Should you possess the Greater Psionic Weapon or Greater Psionic Shot the bonus psionic damage increases to 2d6.

Greater Psionic Edge (Psionic)
You have trained your mind to further empower your weapon damage.
Prerequisites: Str 15, Weapon Focus (Any), Psionic Weapon or Psionic Shot(Point Blank Shot), Greater Psionic Weapon/Shot, Base Attack Bonus +7
Benefit: The bonus damage grated to you from your Psionic Edge feat increases to d8s and whenever you expend your psionic focus for bonus damage from the Psionic Weapon/Shot feat you may treat that attack as a natural 20.


Psionic Curse
You have learned how to utilize your psychic power to augment your Hexblade’s Curse
Prerequisites: Hexblade 1, Concentration 4 ranks.
Benefit: You may spend power points to augment your Hexblade’s curse. You may spend 2 pp(power points) to increase the DC by 1, also the you may spend 3 pp to increase the curse’s penalties by and additional 2(Not replace all instences of ML with your Hexblade level for how many pp you may spend on augmenting your curses).


Psionic Force (Psionic)
Your psionic focus increases the force of your unarmed strike
Prerequisites: Monk, Unarmed Strike, Ki Strike (Magic)
Benefit: While you are psionically focused your unarmed strike damage is treated as being one size category larger for damage.

Psionic Celerity (Psionic)
Your psionic focus increases your speed and ability to dodge your foes attacks.
Prerequisites: Monk, AC Bonus +1, Unarmored Speed Bonus +20.
Benefit: While you are psionically focused you double your AC Bonus and add +10ft to your Unarmored Speed Bonus.


Psionic Ghost Step
You have learned to substitute pp for Ki power as well as empower your ghost step.
Prerequisites: Ninja 2
Benefit: You may expend your psionic focus to augment your Ghost step class feature extending the duration of your invisibility from 1 round to 1 minute/level. In addition to augmenting the ghost step you may also substitute pp for ki power for the use of your ghost step class feature, however should you use all you ki power and have pp left the pp does not count as ki power for qualifying for the +2 to will saves.


Psionic Grace (Psionic)
You focus your mind to impart a portion of your divine grace to your allies
Prerequisites: Divine grace class feature
Benefit: While you are psionically focused you grant all allies adjacent to you your charisma modifier to there saves, this bonus may not exceed your paladin level.

Powered Smite (Psionic)
You focus your mind to recall your smite evil ability.
Prerequisites: Smite Evil class feature, Paladin
Benefit: You may expend 5 power points to recover a daily use of your Smite evil class feature.


Psionic Combat Style (Psionic)
Focusing your mind you become more skillful with your combat skills
Prerequisites: Combat Style, ranger 2
Benefit: While psionically focused you reduce the penalty of your combat style feats by 1. For example Steve the 2nd lvl ranger chooses two weapon fighting for his combat style, his penalty for two weapon fighting is reduced by 1.

Psionic Favored Enemy (Psionic)
Your focus furthers your ability to hunt your favored enemy.
Prerequisites: Favored Enemy, ranger
Benefit: While your are Pisionically focused you add half your damage bonus against your favored enemy as a bonus to attacks rolls. For example Steve the 5th lvl ranger chooses Evil Outsiders as his favored enemy he gains the standard +4 to damage rolls but he also gains a +2 to attack rolls against them.


Psionic Back stab (Psionic)
Your psionic focus helps you find weak points in your opponent’s defense.
Prerequisites: Special Attack 1d6
Benefit: You may expend your psionic focus to apply your sneak attack to an opponent weather or not your opponent is denied his/her dex bonus.

Greater Psionic Back-Stab (Psionic)
Your psionic focus further helps your catch your opponents off guard
Prereguisites: Psionic Sneak attack, Special Attack 2d6, Hide 6 ranks, Move Silently 6 ranks.
Benefit: While you are psionically focused you may increase your sneak attack dice from d6s to d8s, also when you expend your psionic focus to sneak attack your foes you may apply sneak attack to creatures normally immune.


Psionic Metamagic focus (Psionic)
Your psionic focus allows your to speed up your metamagic feats.
Prerequisites: Spellcraft 4 ranks, Sorcerer
Benefit: You may expend your psionic focus to apply metamagic feats as a swift action.


Focused Blast
Your psionic focus provides clarity in the midst of combat.
Prerequisites: Warlock, Point-Blank Shot, Concentration: 4 ranks
Benefit: You may expend your psionic focus to negate the penalties to attack rolls incurred for firing into melee. In addition you may spend 2 pp to add an additional d6 damage to your eldritch blast.

Focused Resilience
Your Psionic focus allows you to recover more quickly.
Prerequisites: Warlock 8, Concentration: 10 ranks.
Benefit: While you are psionically focused you may double the fast healing grated to you by your fiendish resilience. You may also 1/day expend your psionic focus to regain the use of fiendish resilience.


Psionic Spell Focus (Psionic)
Your psionic prowess allows your to increase the potency of your spells.
Prerequisites: Spell Focus or Specialist Wizard.
Benefit: While you are psionically focused the DC’s of the spell school you are specialized in or focused in increases by 1.

Psionic Spell Mastery (Psionic)
Your psionic focus further increases the potency of your spells.
Prerequisites: Psionic Spell Focus, Spell Focus or Specialist, Greater Spell Focus.
Benefit: As a swift action you may expend your psionic focus to automatically apply any metamagic feat you posses to a spell. In addition to loosing you psionic focus the wizard must also spend pp equal to the metamagic spell level adjustment ex: Quicken Spell = 4pp.


Blood of the Omni Mind
You share the bloodline of the Omni Mind, lord of the psions.
Prerequisites: This feat can only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: The “Omni Mind’s” power flows through your veins, conferring upon your the designation of a psionic character. As a psionic character, you gain a reserve of 5 power points plus 1 per character level beyond 1st, and you can take psionic feats, metapsionic feats, and psionic item creation feats. In addition to all effects listed above it also adds Concentration to your class skill list if it is not already. If you have or take a class that grants power points, the power points gained from Blood of the Omni Mind are added to your total power point reserve.

Psionic Soldier (Psionic)
You have been trained to wield all manner of pisonic weapons.
Prerequisites: Concentration: 4 ranks, Base Attack +1
Benefit: You gain proficiency with the Psi Blaster, Psi Cannon and the Psi Sword.

Improved Psionic Soldier (Psionic)
You have pushed your training with psionic weapons to the brink of mastery.
Prerequisites: Concentration: 9 ranks, Base Attack + 6
Benefit: You gain new combat maneuvers with the psionic weapons. With the Psi Blaster you gain the “Double Tap” ability where the wielder takes a – 2 to there attack to add 1 additional damage dice, this maneuver can be used as part of a full attack action and can be used with feats like Rapid Shot. With the Psi Cannon the wielder gains the Spray maneuver where the wielder may deal Burst Fire damage to all targets within a 20 foot cone with a Reflex save DC 10 + BAB+ Dexterity Modifier if any. Finally with the Psi Sword the wielder may add his/her wisdom modifier as a bonus to all attack and damage rolls and gains 1/4th his/her character level to all attack and damage rolls with the sword(Note that Psi swords are not normally able to be enchanted).

Racial Feats

Quantus Psi Crystal Core
You were grown with a Psi Crystal Core to store power points.
Prerequisites: Quantus 1st level
Benefit: You posses a Psi Crystal grown within your body as per the Psion class feature. In addition you gain an additional 2 power points at 1st level and beginning at 6th level the psi crystal can hold a Psionic Focus and at 10th level it can hold 15 pp(power points).

Improved Psi Blades
Your Psi Blades become more potent weapons.
Prerequisites: Quantus, Base Attack: +1
Benefit: Your Psi Blades be come more potent increasing damage to a d6. You also gain 2-weapon fighting feat while utilizing them. Note that Psi Blades are treated as light weapons.

Greater Psi Blades
Your Psi Blades gain natural enhancement.
Prerequisites Quantus, Improved Psi Blades, Base Attack: +3
Benefit: Your Psi Blades further enhance increasing damage to a d8. You also add 1/5 your character level (minimum 1) as an enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls with the blades (So at 5th level the Psi Blades gain an enhancement bonus of +2). The wielder may purchase special weapon abilities should they have the required enhancement(For example a level 5 Quantus chooses to add the flaming property to its psi blades instead of an additional +1 enhancement bonus).

Powerful Build
Your physical stature lets you function in many ways as if he were one size category larger.
Prerequisites: Any Race, Str 15
Benefit: Whenever you are subjected to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), you are treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to you. You are also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature’s special attacks based on size (such as improved grab or swallow whole) can affect him. You can also use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, your space and reach remain that of a creature of your actual size. The benefits of this feat stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject’s size category.

New Psionic Feats

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