Artifacts in the world

Annulus: This artifact is the ultimate psionic nullifier. Forged by long-dead illithids to keep enemies of vast psionic power at bay (possibly Alpha Psions), the Annulus is an artifact that any psionic being should fear. It was taken by the Alpha Psions and disappeared into the annals of history. Few scholars know of its existence in the modern era, but rumors of explorers in search of the artifact have recently begun circulating.
The Annulus is a 1-foot-diameter ring of silvery material. Tiny slots, antennae, spheres, and other intricate projections decorate the exterior of the hoop; however, two smoothed lengths of the ring provide an adequate surface for grasping the item. The Annulus has several powers, all of which require a wielder to tightly grasp the ring with at least one hand. When it is first grasped, knowledge of the artifact’s powers
immediately flood the wielder’s mind. The wielder can access
all powers of the Annulus at manifester level 20th.

  • The Annulus generates a continuous catapsi effect within a 100-foot-radius of the wielder (who is unaffected).
  • The wielder gains a +4 enhancement bonus on any attempt to resist an effect that deals ability damage
  • Once per day, the wielder can trigger ultrablast(EPHB) as a standard action.
  • Three times per day, as a standard action, the wielder can trigger an effect similar to psionic dimensional anchor that affects all creatures in a 50-foot radius.
    The primary power of the Annulus, however, is psionic nullification. Once per year, the wielder can trigger this effect as a special action requiring 10 rounds of continuous concentration to complete. The wielder specifies a target or targets within a 100-foot radius, ranging from a specific psionic individual or item to a group of psionic beings that share the same philosophy (such as the creatures present at an illithid outpost). The nullification effect is accompanied by blasts of light, heat, and sound from the Annulus. Nonpsionic creatures and items are unaffected, as are nontargeted beings, but any psionic target—regardless of any protection it may possess—disintegrates in a terrific explosion. Nothing is left but floating dust.
    It is relatively easy to nullify a single target or a small group of targets, but nullifying a more powerful being (such as a demigod or greater entity) or another major artifact taxes the Annulus to its limits. If it is used to nullify such a target, the artifact succeeds but is destroyed in the process and cannot be retrieved by any means.

“Gloom” Psionic Sword
This +3 Psi Sword has only know 1 master since its creation in the world of Talaire. Not much is known of this legendary weapon save that its only wielder was a very powerful psion creature know as an Alpha Psion. The weapon appears to be forged of darkness itself drinking in light around it leaving only a ghostly outline of an edge protruding from the adamatine handle. Unlike the common psi sword “Gloom” possesses several unique abilities that separates it from its common counterparts.

  • Once per day “Gloom’s” wielder as a standard action can make a single attack roll against all foes within within a 30ft cone dealing its regular damage to any hit with the attack.
  • All attacks made with “Gloom” are resolved as melee touch attacks.
  • Unlike a regular Psi Sword “Gloom” deals 3d8 + str mod and has a critical threat range of 17-20 x3 as well as dealing an extra d8 damage if the wielder is psionically focused.
  • The wielder of the sword may expend his psionic focus to deal an additional 3d8 points of psionic damage this damage stacks with other sources of psychic damage.

“Radiance” Psionic Sword
“Gloom’s” counterpart “Radiance” is a + 4 Psi Sword. Many aware of its existence firmly believes that it brought the great cataclysm that befell the world of Talaire when its wielder fought the wielder of “Gloom”. Much like its counterpart “Radiance” possesses unique abilities to that of its common counterparts.

  • All damage dealt with “Radiance” ignores all form of damage reduction.
  • All attacks made with “Radiance” are resolved as melee touch attacks.
  • Unlike a regular Psi Sword “Radiance” deals 2d12+str mod and has a critical threat range of 18-20 x3 as well as dealing an extra d12 damage if the wielder is psioincally focused.

Artifacts in the world

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