"The Omni Mind"

Enigmatic self proclaimed lord of the Psions.


To anyone who has never seen the Omni Mind it seems like more of a legend then an actual ruler of a country. Tho those who have met it know that the Omni mind looks however he wishes to onlookers thus anyone who claims to have met the Omni Mind there description of it is far different to that of the previous descriptions. No one knows if the Omni mind possesses a gender but most refer to it has a him as his servants perceive his “domineering” nature more akin to a man than a woman.


Not much is know of the Omni Mind’s origin, save for the fact that he is awarded the honor of being the first psionic creature of the realm and it was its effect on mankind that caused the awakening of there “potential”. Weather or not the legends of its responsibility for awakening psionics in the world is true know one is for certain, but it doesnt stop its followers in claiming so.

"The Omni Mind"

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